Monday, October 24, 2022 - We drive to Reno and "boondock" at the Cabela's Sporting Goods parking lot. Cabelas allows this parking for free. We set up the RV by just lowering the two front landing gear which takes the weight off of the truck for the night. Before doing this, we had pulled the RV up on two of our yellow, plastic blocks to make the RV more level before pushing out the slides. This allows much less stress on the slides when the RV is leveled before pushing them out.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - We have made arrangements to take the RV to a personal home of a gentleman named Dave who works on RV electrical systems on the side. We is an expert on inverters and RV electrical systems who works for a company in Reno called "Inverters R'Us." The sold the inverter that we had installed to Sprad's RV where we had our work done originally. We arrived at Dave's home at 8:00 in the morning. We had made plans to leave the RV there all day and then drive to Fernley, Nevada to have breakfast with Mel and Carol Powers and their friends Monty and Nancy. We figured that we could come back in the late afternoon and get the rig and then return to the Desert Rose RV Resort that is located very close to Mel and Carol's new home. We intended to visit with Mel and Carol for a couple of days before heading for Tucson, Arizona.

THE INVERTER PROBLEM - OPERATOR ERROR!! Our problem was that whenever the RV system is not on shore power or the generator, the inverter is pulling about 50 amps our of our batteries. This would cause the batteries to be depleted in between seven to eight hours; not good. Where is this power going?? After fully checking our our installation, which took about 45 minutes, David stated that he thought the problem was that we had not switched the refrigerator and hot water heater from electricity over to propane when boondocking without any incoming power except the batteries. When we switched the refrigerator over to propane, the 50-amp draw at the inverter decreased to only four amps. The system was installed properly and working fine too. We had not been informed that we needed to make sure that the refrigerator and hot water heater need to be on propane when the batteries are being used by the inverter. The inverter was doing it's job of converting battery power to run the refrigerator. Dave just told us to switch the refrig and hot water heater when using the inverter with batteries only. That was it! We were ready to leave Daves house and it was only 9:30 am. Dave only charged us $70 for his work (but, we paid him $100 since we were so happy). We then took off to have breakfast in Fernley with our trailer in tow. We drove straight to the Silverado Casino in Fernley where we had breakfast with Mel and Carol and Monty and Nancy. We were about 30 minutes late, but they waited for us to get there before ordering. What great people!

After breakfast, we drove to the Desert Rose RV Resort where we were able to get the same slot we had been in the last time we visited with Mel and Carol Powers. We set up the RV and then went over to Mel and Carol's nearby home to visit and have dinner.

Mel and Carol are outstanding hosts; Carol prepared a wonderful dinner for us. We then made plans to go for a drive on the next day; Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 - Mel Powers showed us a map of Nevada and suggested that we travel through Fallon towards Ely to near Middle Gate Station where we would take Highway 722 to the Toiyabe National Forest. We would then turn south on a dirt road and head towards Tonapah, Nevada and make a loop around the Toiyabe Mountains. The proprietor at the Middle Gate Station bar suggested that we not drive on the southern loop around that mountains because of the rain that they had recently had in the area. He said that the road was in terrible condition. We decided to give the road a try and to make our own determination on where to keep going of turn around. The road turned out to be fine for our drive, but long. It was a beautiful drive. We ended up driving for about 370 miles on the day and then returned to Mel and Carol's home for another great dinner. It was a long day, but it was a great opportunity to have a long visit with Mel and Carol.

Thursday, October 27, 2022 - Lisa and I departed the Desert Rose RV Resort (famous from the Academy Award winning movie, "Nomadland") for the Amargosa Valley near Pahrump, Nevada (Las Vegas too). We decided to stay at the Longstreet Casino where we had stayed with Ava Alley when she traveled with us to the Grand Canyon on her spring break. We arrive there at around 4:00 pm. It is located right on the California border south of Pahrump, Nevada.