Friday, October 21, 2022 - We leave the Castle AFB Air Museum RV Park to return to the Thunder Valley Casino parking lot for the weekend. We plan to visit with friends and family over the weekend before departing for Reno, Nevada and then on to the east coast.

Lisa and I decided to go for a hike to Lake Clementine from the confluence of the Middle Fork and North Fork of the American River near Auburn, CA. The hike was uphill all the way to the Lake Clementine Dam and then downhill all the way back. We managed to get in about five miles on this hike.

Saturday, October 22 2022 - We had planned to take a hike with Nan Vernazza, but we had miss-understood her and she had roofers coming to work on her house. We moved our hike with Nan at the Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park (run by the Bureau of Land Management) to Sunday morning. This freed us up for a bike ride on Saturday.

Lisa and I drove to the American River Bike Trail where we did a 34 mile bike ride including the Johnny Cash Trail through Folsom. We parked at the Trek Bike store in Folsom and hopped on the American River Trail from there. We are trying to get our weights down, so the more we ride the better.

Sunday, October 23, 2022 - It turned out that Nan's roofer's had not finished the job and planned to return to work on Sunday. This eliminated our planned hike at Cronan Ranch. We decided to just relax around the RV and then attend a 5:00 pm dinner with our friend, Mary Cahill. We met Mary at the Outback Restaurant in Roseville and enjoyed a great meal and time to converse.

Monday, October, 24, 2022 - This is the day that we planned to depart the Sacramento area for Reno, Nevada where we had made an appointment to have our recently installed inverter fixed. It was not working the way we had expected it to behave. We planned to stay overnight at the Cabela's parking lot (free of charge) and then take the RV in for repairs at a guy named David's home nearby. Dave is an expert on inverters and their installation. We did not have to be in Reno until just before darkness, so we decided to go for another bike ride on Monday morning.

Lisa and I drove up to Auburn and then on Foresthill Road to the intersectionn of Old Foresthill Road where we parked our truck. I decided to do some repetitions on the Old Foresthill Road from the Confluence of the North and Middle Forks of the American River. This is a three mile climb with a maximum of a nine-percent grade. The total climb is 900 feet for each repetition. Lisa road her EBike and made the climbs look easy. I grunted and groaned my way up the climb three times, so we ended up with 2,700 feet of climbing. It was a great, clear day with perfect temperatures for climbing.

After the climbing, we drove to Rocklin to have lunch at our favorite Subway sandwich shop. We have made a long friendship with Chad and his family at the Subway shop at the Crossings on Sierra College Boulevard. This may be the last time that we see Chad and his wife for quite some time.

After lunch, we returned to the RV, hooked up, and began our journey to the Cabela's in Reno.