Wednesday, January 11, 2023 - We drive from Montgomery, Alabama to Tifton, Georgia today. The drive was uneventful and the weather was excellent. The RV is functioning excellently and we have been traveling on very smooth roads today.  We decided to cut the drive from Montgomery to Brunswick, GA in half and Tifton was about in the middle. After arriving in Tifton, we washed the truck and then went to Walmart to buy some food items for the stay in Brunswick. We also explored the exit route from this RV park onto state highway 82 that will take us all the way to Brunswick.

Today, on the drive through Columbus, Georgia, we passed right by the grave yard where Lisa's Grandmother, Louise-Shirley Ovitt was buried. There was not decent place to stop with the RV, so we continued on our way. It is right across the street from a sports complex where the woman's national NCAA softball championships were being played. After Louise' funeral, Lisa and I attended one of the games Cal-State Northridge and the University of Oklahoma (I think). Lots of cheering going on during the burial. Lisa, myself, and one other person attended the funeral that day. Louise was 103 when she passed.

NOTE: Today we were informed that the VanLeigh RV Company that is a subsidiary of Tiffin Motor Homes is going out of business. Shock of all shocks. We buy a new VanLeigh in the same month that the company goes out of business. The Tiffin company, VanLeigh's parent company will be handling all warranty and service support on the new unit. Not sure how this is going to affect us, but we hope that Tiffin keeps doing the great work that they have in the past.