Tuesday, January 9, 2023 - We depart Terrell, Texas for Monroe, Louisiana and The Ouachita RV Park. The drive was excellent with the only major issue being the lousy roads as we passed through Shreveport, Louisiana. Rattled our teeth!  All else went well. Monroe had received some heavy rains from a storm that had passed through, so we had a pretty damp RV slot when we arrived.  

On the drive, we passed through Selma

The truck was warning me that it was time to have the oil changed on the Ford, so I looked around town for a place that could complete the change if I provided the oil and filter. It was late in the day, so we found that the "WalMart Car Care Center" could perform the task. I took it to them and when they started to do the work, I walked over to monitor their progress and capability. I was glad that I monitored them. When they pulled the drain plug on the oil pan, the oil shot out for about a foot and half and went all over the floor of the oil change bay. The "technician" had a heck of time getting the new oil filter installed. He had put oil into the filter and the overflow made handling the cannister challenging. The "technician" adding the oil was not used to adding 13 quarts of oil and I help guide him through it. We did get the oil changed, and I was comfortable that it was done well, but I was glad that I monitored the process.

Wednesday, January 10, 2023 - Departed for our next stop on our trip to Brunswick, Georgia. We were planning to drive to Tipton, Georgia today. This will take us across Mississippi and Alabama and then into Georgia.