Thursday, October 27, 2022 - We drive to the Longstreet Casino near Pahrump, Nevada. This is an overnight stay at this casino and the cost was $42. Some casinos will allow you to park overnight for free, but this one is a "go-to" Casino and has it's own attached RV park. It is also right at the entrance to Death Valley National Park which makes it more in demand. We had a nice stay here and then departed for Quartzsite, Arizona the next morning.

Lisa lost her glasses while we were at Longstreet. We went to the casino to "retrace" her steps on a hike she had taken. After exiting the casino, we found her prescription glasses on the grass where she had dropped them. We dodged a bullet on that one!

Friday, October 28,2022 - We depart for the drive through Las Vegas to Quartzsite, Arizona. We decided to go through Pahrump and then took Highway 160 that takes you through the southern part of Las Vegas and south of McCarren Airport. Much less freeway to deal with.