Friday, June 23, 2023 - Today we drove from Fort A.P. Hill Army post to the Leesville Lake Campground near Gretna, VA. The Day started with overcast and then about halfway to Leesville Lake we ran into considerable rain. After arrival, the Sun came out and the humidity increased. Overall, it was an okay drive on decent roads.  

While setting up our RV, we noticed that the bedroom slide-out did not go out evenly. In fact, it was about six inches off when fully extended. The right side was out and the left side was still needing about five inches to fully extend. It was also binding and making some, not-so-great noises. I went online and found a video that offered some suggestions on how to fix the problem. Using the recommendations, I was able to fully extend and retract the unit. It is still making some weird noises, so it makes me nervous that there is a problem with the tracks that the unit slides in and out on. I will get a tech to check it out at our next stop in a larger city with more services. We removed the three-inch extra space-foam mattress to reduce weight on the unit. We also removed the storage containers that we store under the bed. It was not much weight, but I wanted to reduce the weight as much as possible in order to "reset" the drive motors on the unit. There is a technique that you can use to re-align the motors and reset them. I tried it and the unit is now aligned properly when fully in and out. It still makes lots of clicking noises during travel and I don't like that.

We checked out Leesville Lake and it looks like it might have some kayaking possibilities although we are scheduled for some rain over the next few days. Tomorrow, we are off to Appomattox Courthouse to see the site where General Lee surrendered and the Civil War came to an end.

Saturday, June 24, 2023 - Today we headed off to explore the Civil War battle site at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.